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May 24, 2017


I woke up to a pretty cloudy and rainy looking forecast. The bride Sarah and I had been talking the days leading up to the wedding about the weather. It just wasn’t looking like it would be in our favor.

I knew the second I met Sarah and Patrick how much of outdoorsy people they were. They LOVE being outside. I’m pretty sure every time I try to catch up with them on social media they are off on a new adventure together. I love that about them…and I was hoping and praying the rain would hold off so they could get married where they feel most themselves!

So we went on with our plans of having their intimate wedding ceremony at Rock Island State Park in front of the Twin Falls. Driving in, we hit some rain and when we pulled up to meet Sarah, Patrick and their families I was thinking it could pour any second. We kept checking the radar and I could tell Sarah was worried about the rain.

We made it down to the trail, where Sarah’s family set up this cool tent like area made of sheets so she would have a place to change into her dress. Patrick led all the guests down to the rocks where behind them was a huge waterfall. It had been raining so much in the weeks leading up to this day, so the water was so high and loud..but so peaceful.

Sarah’s parents walked her down a rock path..and can I just say that I admire her so much for hiking in that wedding dress! She was a bride that rocked Chacos and totally embraced anything and everything on her day. Families and close friends gathered around them, literally just hanging out on the rocks for a beautiful ceremony. The Twin Falls was the most perfect backdrop for Sarah and Patrick.

And as you can didn’t rain!! Actually, right after they kissed the sun came out and I just looked over at Sarah and smiled. She was sooo happy to be married, and that the rain held back for their perfect day. (I was pretty happy too since we were going to be taking more photos on the trails!)

Sarah and Patrick had hiked here before, so they led me to so many beautiful areas. I was seriously in heaven with these two and being surrounded by nature. The afternoon was filled with so much peace and joy..and I give all praise to God for holding back the showers so Sarah and Patrick could enjoy their beautiful wedding day at Rock Island State Park. 

Special thanks to my boyfriend Michael for coming along, carrying bags, helping guests walk through rocks, running Instagram stories and catching me when I almost fell multiple times.

It was the most perfect day and I am so excited to share these.. enjoy 🙂

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