Best of Grandparents on Wedding Day | Nashville Wedding Photographer

March 29, 2019


Some of our favorite photos from wedding days are of the grandparents. You know them… The ones that show up looking beautiful or handsome as ever, support you like no one else, and give all the best hugs. These are important photos of important people, and we love making them a big focus in our work.

Wedding days are full of pretty details, and while we love photographing all that, there is a special place in our hearts for the people who surround the bride and groom on a wedding day.

Brides and grooms: you may not realize this now, but photographs of your family, your grandparents, your dearest friends – these will be some of your most treasured images one day.

So we’re dedicating this post to all the strong, wise, and lovely grandparents we have the honor of meeting on wedding days. The best of grandparents on wedding day. These are awfully special photos to us (and to our couples!), and we hope they warm your heart and make you hug your loved ones a little tighter next time.

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