Haley and William | A Cheekwood Engagement Session

July 24, 2019


William is a woodworker. Haley wanted a coffee table. The rest is history.

Okay, so there’s obviously more to the story than just that. During Haley and William’s Cheekwood Engagement Session, she started telling us this story and it’s just so darn cute.

Haley and William grew up in Nashville for most of their lives without ever really knowing each other. But a family trip for Haley and an internship for William in Miami changed it all. William interned for Haley’s cousins over his Christmas break. Little did they know, Haley was also there on a family trip, and they were introduced at a NYE party.

Fast forward: they both came back to Nashville — not dating, just doing their own lives. And since getting to know each other in Miami, Haley reached out to William about a coffee table project she wanted him to do. They had hung out and gotten to know each other so much over that Christmas break, but through the process of picking out stains and whatnot for the table, they spent more and more time together… you know how it goes. Now they’re engaged and planning their big day!

We loved getting to know these two and their sweet love story. Two people –probably lived just miles apart from each other their whole lives — met and fell in love in a whole other city and state. I hear stories like these and I can’t help but smile and get all giddy, because you just know that God put them together in a very special time and place. And now they’re joining their lives together.

We are so excited for Haley and William’s wedding, to meet all their friends and family, and have the best night celebrating. But until then, we leave you with these photos from their Cheekwood Engagement Session — which say so much about their friendship and love. Enjoy!

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