How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photos in Different Seasons

April 25, 2018

For Brides and Grooms

What season are you getting married in? When you pick out your wedding date, the last thing you may be thinking about is how much daylight you’ll have on your day or what time you should plan events due to the light. But thinking about the season you’re getting married in is actually key to planning your ceremony time and the rest of your day-of timeline. It’s also important to think of how the season will play a role in the feel and style of your wedding day!

Whether you’ve already picked your ceremony time and sent out the invites, or you’re still in the early phases of planning, this list can help you make the most of your wedding photos in different seasons!


  • Keep in mind the sunset is earlier in the day in the winter (around 4pm usually)..plan your ceremony time accordingly!
  • Try to avoid going outside for any photos around noon (this is when the light is the brightest and most difficult to work with!)
  • Get yourself and your bridesmaids fur coats or shawls to wear outside for photos. Cute and practical!
  • Encourage your wedding party to wear under-layers or bring hot hands to stay warm if taking photos outside.
  • Take advantage of the cold weather and offer hot chocolate or cocoa as a cocktail hour alternative to stay warm!
  • If you don’t plan on doing a first look, ensure there is enough time and light for portraits afterwords with your photographer!


  • The sunset doesn’t usually happen until 8:30 or 9, so plan to sneak out of your reception for just a few minutes of golden hour portraits!
  • Stay hydrated!!! Have lots of water on hand for your guests, wedding party, and yourselves.
  • Keep your guests in mind if planning an outdoor ceremony (think programs that double as fans, water bottles, etc.)
  • Pack some bug spray and extra deodorant (trust me!)
  • Plan your outdoor photos for later in the day when the sun is not as high in the sky (and hopefully it’s a little cooler in that time frame, too!)
  • Make sure your wedding cake is not outdoors in the heat – it will melt and then we can’t photograph it or eat it 🙁


  • Be open minded to any weather conditions! (You never know, especially here in middle TN ;))
  • Include a plan B for your ceremony/photo space just in case you have some of those lovely spring showers on your day!
  • Keep in mind the time change that happens in the spring and plan your timeline around that!
  • Bring along the Claritin and Zyrtec for you and your wedding party..allergy season will be in full swing!
  • Check in with your photographer on timing your photos for the perfect light depending on the month.


  • Keep the cooler temps in mind when deciding on your ceremony space.
  • A little bit of fall colors in the leaves can go a long way in photos! So don’t worry about not having that beautiful fall foliage in your photos.
  • Keep in mind the time change in the fall season and plan your ceremony carefully around that!
  • Incorporate fall time activities in your day (ie: bonfires, blankets, apple cider, etc.)

I hope these tips for weddings photos in different seasons were helpful to your planning! Do you have any additional ideas or recommendations for planning a wedding in the spring, summer, fall, or winter? Leave a comment below to share with other couples!





Erin Fox Photo is a wedding photographer serving clients from coast to coast