5 Wedding Send-Off Ideas for the Best Exit

January 24, 2019

For Brides and Grooms

So you’ve got it all ironed out – the florals, the food, the epic dance party, now it’s down to planning your send-off. We’ve all been to a few weddings in our time and played a part in a fun exit for the bride and groom. Your exit is the perfect way to make one last hooorah before you run off as husband and wife. Let’s talk about 5 Wedding Send-Off Ideas for the Best Exit!!

1. Flower petal send-off. It’s my personal fave because of how dynamic and colorful it makes your send-off photos turn out. Don’t be fooled – you can totally do a flower petal send-off in the dark too. If flower petals aren’t your thing, try confetti, lavender seeds, or something to that effect. Just make sure to double check with your venue to see if this sort of send-off is allowed, and if you’re planning on saying your farewells outside, try to find materials that are earth friendly.

2. Glow stick exit. Glow sticks are fun at any dance party! Put them out 30 minutes before your reception ends, so that your guests can go out with a bang (and a glow stick around their neck, too!).

3. Bubbles! Bubbles are an easy, inexpensive and classic way to send off the bride and groom. They make for pretty cool exit photos too. And the kids love ‘em!

4. The classic sparkler send-off. We all love a good sparkler exit. I’ve photographed so many and they always make for beautiful exit photos. BUT I have one big tip for making the most of using sparklers. Buy the longer sparklers, they will hold up for the entire length of your send-off and be much brighter and fuller for photos.

5. Pick your own noise maker. I love this one and have seen it pop up a lot more lately. Set out a variety of noisemakers, streamers, glow sticks, etc. towards the end of your reception. And let your guests have at it. Chances are, everyone will grab a few of everything and it will be the loudest, craziest, most fun exit ever.

So these are 5 Wedding Send-Off Ideas for the Best Exit, but I have a few more ideas that I have yet to photograph. Props if you want to get creative with one of these ideas!!


Sky Lanterns


Confetti Poppers

Silly String

At the end of the day, you want to plan an exit that fits your personalities and makes for the most fitting end to your wedding day!! Get creative, have fun! I wanna know – what type of exit are you planning for? Share below! 🙂





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