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May 3, 2019

For Brides and Grooms

No one ever wishes for rain on their wedding day, but alas, we’re here: Tips for a Rainy Wedding Day.

You can’t plan far in advance what the weather will be like on your wedding day. But if you find yourself a few weeks out from your date and see rain in the forecast, do not fret! Your vendors will work together to make your day just as beautiful and perfect.

I’ve witnessed so many beautiful rainy nuptials and I would love to share some tips for a rainy wedding day with you.

The biggest thing I can leave you with – have a plan B.

When looking at venues initially, make sure your options have a space for a plan B ceremony and/or reception space. Make sure this space can accommodate the number of guests you expect to have. It’s just as important to consider your venue’s plan B as it is their Plan A. Because you just can’t control the weather.

If you’re getting married on a private property or in a backyard, call in to reserve a tent rental the second you know there is rain in the forecast. You want your guests to be comfortable. Of course, rain jackets and umbrellas will be a life-saver, but having a place where your guests can be dry and comfy is best.

And while we’re on the topic of umbrellas, buy several clear dome umbrellas to have on hand. For you, for your guests, for pictures – these umbrellas are huge and come in handy so much on a rainy wedding day.

Ultimately, I need you to know, if you’re reading this right now and the forecast is looking like rain in the forecast: do not worry.

Worrying and stressing about something that is completely out of your control is just going to take the fun away from all the other festivities!

Do what you need to do to ensure comfort for you and your guests if it were to rain, but after that, focus your energy on all the other exciting things: the rehearsal dinner where you get to see your family for the first time, the night before your big day with your besties, actually getting to marry your BFF and spend the rest of time together, and celebrating all night long with good food and drink. Yeah, there’s still a lot of good stuff going on Even if it is a rainy wedding day.

No matter what the weather turns out to be on your wedding day, at the end of the day you will be married and have the happiest memories to look back on!

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