How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

May 15, 2019

For Brides and Grooms

Picking out colors, cake tastings, dress shopping. These are the moments in wedding planning that you get to have lots of fun with!

But if picking out your wedding colors is causing you loads of stress and anxiety, you’ve come to the right place. I want to share some ideas for How To Choose Your Wedding Colors.

A few different factors can play into which colors you choose – but you get to decide how much each of these weigh in to your decision.

Pick your colors based off the season.

Just like different colors represent different moods, certain colors represent each season. We associate warmer colors in the fall, and brighter, more colorful hues in the spring. Depending on when you’re getting married, you can include colors from that season. You want your wedding to have a certain feel, and the season’s colors may help bring that vision to life!

Tom and Sara’s wedding day below was at CJ’s Off the Square in beautiful downtown Franklin in the fall. Imagine the most charming little town with falling leaves and dreamy fall colors. The couple chose cooler shades of peaches, pinks, and white for their florals, but added a few pops of those warm, rich fall colors. I love how the faded aqua bridesmaid dress complements the different shades of peach.

Choose colors based off your personal style.

This one is a biggie, because you want your wedding to be a reflection of you! Your day should represent your personalities, your love, and your style. So picking a color based off your own style is a great idea – because chances are you’ll be sharing your wedding photos in your home. The colors you pick for your wedding day will live on in your photos and your home! It’s important to choose colors you love.

Allison and Cameron’s wedding day was full of personal touches and unique style. Everything from the bridesmaid wreaths to the blue velvet sofa in the getting ready suite made their colors come together. I am especially a fan of their non-traditional bridesmaid dresses. You can usually find more unique dresses from places like Piper and Scoot, ModCloth, or Nordstrom.

Find colors that complement your venue.

Another thing to weigh in when choosing your colors is the primary feel and colors used at your venue. Is your venue more urban and edgy? Or is it in the middle of the woods surround by greenery? You probably don’t want to pick green dresses for your bridesmaids to wear if they’ll be standing in front of green trees. Ya feel? Think of the surroundings and certain elements that your venue has already, and pick colors that complement those well.

The navy hues complemented the soft pink ties in Alexandra and Chad’s Briar Rose Hill wedding last summer so well. In the middle of summertime back in the rolling hills, you can always bet for lots of greenery! These colors were the perfect pop against the green.

When in doubt, pick 2-3 colors to create harmony. Make one your primary color and use the others in accents throughout the day.

If color scares you, don’t be afraid to keep things simple and neutral. Neutrals and greens are always beautiful, and make a very timeless and clean esthetic.

How To Choose Your Wedding Colors post inspired and curated from all of our past couples’ lovely weddings.

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