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January 28, 2020

For Brides and Grooms

Videography. It’s such an important element to telling the story of your wedding day, along with photos. We always get questions about why or why not a couple should hire a videographer, so we decided to talk with one of our favorite videographers in the biz, Brandon Rice Films.

Photographs capture the emotion, mood, who spoke, etc. But video tells a totally different story with added elements that photography just can’t capture (audio, movement). Getting to listen to your vows, the scripture your grandmother shared, the laughter when your MOH told an embarrassing story… it’s an entirely different way of reliving your day. We’re big proponents of video because of our own wedding experience.

We decided not to have a videographer on our wedding day. We planned our wedding in under three months, and it’s one thing we didn’t prioritize in the time frame we had. We absolutely love our wedding photos and look back at our wedding album often. But what we really wish we had was our ceremony captured on video. We shared hand-written vows with our family circled around us in a very intimate setting. We wish we could listen back to ourselves reading our vows, the sniffles from my mom, and the mad rush of emotion after we were pronounced as husband and wife. Our ceremony was the most surreal part of the day.

Now we encourage our brides and grooms to consider videography even more, and help them understand how it can add so much depth, movement, and emotion to their wedding day memories. Brandon of Brandon Rice Films is one of the best videographers to work with, and he shared some awesome advice for brides and grooms when it comes to finding the right videographer.

Q: What do you recommend brides look for when booking a videographer?

“One of the things I recommend most when brides are booking a videographer is consistency. Make sure whoever you book has a good length of experience and his/her work is consistently professional and the style you’re looking for. Weddings can be very unpredictable, and you want to work with someone who stays relaxed and confident no matter what happens.”

Q: How does video tell the story of a wedding day in ways the photos don’t?

“One of the big differences between video and photos is being able to see the motion of emotion. You can see the smile form, the tear actually fall down a cheek. There is something visceral about motion that brings a moment to life in a different way than photos. Another big difference is sound. Being able to hear the reactions to a first look, the vows, letters, speeches. All of this audio tells a story beyond the image itself.”

Q: What do you love most about creating wedding videos or working with brides and grooms?

“I love to connect to other people. I think being able to do that around a wedding day and a love story is something very special. Bringing a love story from the discussions and energy of a couple into a wedding film is uniquely special every time. I love the process, the people, and the purpose of wedding filmmaking.”

Q Biggest piece of advice for a bride planning her day?

“The advice I always give brides and grooms as they plan their day is to enjoy every moment. It can be stressful, but always try to remember the point is to celebrate and to display the love they have for each other. Enjoy the process and take it slow, no need to rush.”

We’ve worked with Brandon countless times and always have a great experience. He’s a fun guy to be around and what we love most is how he puts clients’ experience and story as top priority. He uses audio from the day to help tell each wedding day story and makes every film unique. Our couples love working with him, we love working with him, and can’t recommend him enough! Check out his work and reach out to him about your day over on his website.

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